Make friends while the kids play

The Lake Oswego Mothers Club’s is a great way to make new friends for you and your little ones!  We have several ways to connect with other members:

1.  Our Secret Facebook Group:

We have a “secret” group on Facebook.  The general public cannot see that the group exists or who is a member of the group.  Your posts on the Facebook group will only be visible to other members of the “secret” group.  Because this group is not searchable on Facebook, the only way to join will be by an emailed invitation from one of the club’s Facebook administrators.  To request an invitation, please contact the Facebook Group Manager.

Once you are a member of the secret Facebook group, you can feel free to suggest getting together on the Facebook page!

Some playgroups already exist and have their own separate secret Facebook pages. These groups – mainly based upon child’s age or family’s neighborhood – may still have space for additional members. To find out if a group already exists for your child’s age or your neighborhood, write an inquiry post to our main LOMC “secret” group page, requesting to be added to any existing playgroups specific to your child’s age or neighborhood.

2.  Suggest a meetup on

Anyone can suggest a “meetup” on the site by clicking on the link below the Welcome! banner at the top of our page in Meetup.  Please keep these general guidelines in mind when suggesting meetups as a member:

  • Any meetups posted or suggested should encourage connections and help create a sense of community. Meetups should be as inclusive of the members of the Lake Oswego Mother’s Club as possible.
  • The person who posts the meetup should also attend the meetup. Our secret Facebook page is a great place to talk about events that you want to share, but cannot necessarily attend yourself.
  • At each meetup, the organizer should make an effort to welcome attendees (especially newer members!), wait for attendees to arrive before leaving the meeting place (within reason), etc. Friendly and welcoming event hosts really improve the meetup experience for all!

Ultimately, we would like to see events that help to create a sense of community within the entire group and are open to all members.  However, it is acceptable to set attendee limits on a function that you are having in your home, or for a venue that may not allow large groups.  It is also acceptable to limit membership based on neighborhood and/or the target age of children who will be participating.  Please make a note of the attendee limits in your event description.  For example, “This restaurant only accepts a reservation for 8 people.  We will have a wait list, so please RSVP if you are interested in coming.  You will be added if anyone cancels.”  

3.  Send a message through has a feature that allows members to send messages to one another.  Under the Lake Oswego Mother’s Club (LOMC Moms) bar, there is a “Members” menu option.  All of the members of the club will be listed there.  You can also search for a specific member in the “Find a member” area.  Once you select a member, you can select “Message”.  This opens the Messenger feature.  You have the option of adding other members to the message, too.

The phone app will get a notification when you receive a message.  Depending on your email settings, you could receive an email message when you receive a message.  Notifications of messages also show up in the upper right hand corner of the page by your profile picture.  You will see a little red circle with a number on it.

You can use the Meetup Messenger feature to contact everyone who RSVP’d to an event or just to contact one member that you met at an event.

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