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Volunteering is rewarding, fun and a great way to make new friends.

The Lake Oswego Mothers Club is a volunteer organization for moms, run by moms. We are always looking for members who would like to help, whether it’s for a specific event or on an ongoing basis.

As a volunteer your commitment is essential in keeping the club functioning. Without our volunteers we would not have the great resources we enjoy such as playgroups, open plays, moms night out, preschool forum, etc. Please review the section under “Volunteer Positions” to learn which volunteer category your position falls under.

Some volunteer commitments require 1 or 2 hours a month, while others offer the opportunity to make a difference in how the club runs and what it offers.

We invite all our members to share their skills and talents. If you are interested in contributing your time, please contact the President.

Event Volunteers

All our events are made possible by the help of volunteers. Just a few minutes of your time makes a difference – whether you are helping setup for an event or greeting members as they arrive.

Leadership Volunteers

Executive Board

All Executive Board Members are required to attend monthly meetings.

President: (president@lomoms.com) Oversees all functions of the LOMC. Acts as the chair to the Board by writing a monthly agenda and leading monthly board meetings. (Can also be a co-president position). Helps moderate forums.  Oversees all committees, marketing, and advertising.  Plans Volunteer Appreciation Party.

 Vice President: (vicepresident@lomoms.com) The VP helps with Volunteer Coordination and Recruiting. Manages overall communication from leaders to members. The VP helps the president write monthly agendas and replaces the president when she is not available. The VP updates the announcements in the newsletter, sets notifications for major events such as Members Social, Preschool Forum, Holiday Faire, Couples Party, and sends blasts when needed.

 Treasurer: (treasurer@lomoms.com) Responsible for club accounting. Keeps up to date records of the club expenses and issues reimbursement checks. Collects monthly dues and makes necessary deposits to the club bank account online & offline. Develops annual budget with help from the Executive Committee. Creates a year-end financial report for the IRS if needed. May include basic tax preparation and legal filings. Experience with Quicken is needed.

 Secretary: (secretary@lomoms.com) Takes minutes at the monthly board meetings and assists with developing the meeting agendas.

 Website Admin: (web@lomoms.com) Maintains all content on lomoms.com website, backs up the website monthly, and maintains board member email forwards. Works closely with the Board to communicate via the website to LOMC members and the public. Technology experience is a plus.

 Membership/Meetup Admin:  (membership@lomoms.com) Maintains all the content on Meetup.com.  Reviews and approves Meetup submissions for the LOMC group.  Approves new members in Meetup, track trial memberships on a google doc, welcome new members (try to get them involved in the group), track membership expiration dates, contact members who have expiring membership and see if they want to rejoin, work with the Facebook coordinator to remove people from Facebook that are no longer in the group, reply to Clubsport when they request membership verification and track membership numbers – report membership numbers monthly to the board.


Activities Coordinators (2 people): (activities@lomoms.com) Coordinates recurring children’s activities for LOMC members.  Schedules a minimum of 1 activity per week and 1 weekend activity month.  Is also responsible for managing Moms and Muffins Host subgroup and scheduling the monthly events.  Plans one “Mom’s Night Out” gathering per month.

 Advertising Coordinators (2 people): (advertising@lomoms.com) Responsible for developing and communicating LOMC advertising opportunities to local businesses.  Obtain new discount vendors andmanage discount vendor renewals.  Invoices businesses through PayPal and manages the invoicing. The advertising coordinators also work with the Vice President, Website Admin, and Meetup Admin to ensure each business is being advertised according to their advertising package.

 Community Service Coordinators (2 people): (communityservice@lomoms.com) Works with LOMC volunteers and the community to coordinate charitable and community projects including Giving Tree, 4th of July parade, and Farmers Market.

Facebook Coordinator: (facebookgroupmanager@lomoms.com) Manages the content on the public LOMC Facebook page.  Also, manages the secret Facebook Group, posts about businesses that purchased advertisements, sets reminders for big club events and first Fridays, and monitors the content.

In a Pinch Coordinators (2 people): (inapinch@lomoms.com) Coordinates volunteers to make meals for club members in need of assistance (i.e. a member just had a baby, has had surgery or illness, or has experienced a loss in the family).

 Marketing Coordinator: (marketing@lomoms.com) Helps to make sure the LOMC name is in the community. Ensures brochures are stocked around town. Works with the Preschool Forum, Community Service & Activities coordinators to promote the club at these events. Is also responsible for managing and selling club merchandise, online and at events. Manages club merchandise inventory and brochures and tracks banner storage.

Party Coordinator: (partycoordinator@lomoms.com) Coordinates parties, including Family Summer Picnic, Fall Member Social, and Winter Couples Party. Recruits planning committees to assist with each event.

 Preschool Forum Coordinators (2 people): (preschool@lomoms.com) Coordinates LOMC’s biggest event of the year. The event is in January and has 100-250 attendees. Leads a group of 20+ volunteers, coordinate with preschools and work with advertising coordinator to come up with advertising and sponsorship opportunities for businesses. Creates booklet and coordinates printing.

 Speaker Coordinator: (speaker@lomoms.com) Plans speakers for the Member Socials. May include free mommy mentor lectures, parenting classes, and any topics members are interested in.

 Questions? Please contact president@lomoms.com

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