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We have attempted to answer the most common questions our members ask. If you still have a question, please go to Contact Us and send your question(s) to the appropriate person(s).


How much does membership cost?

Both our initial and renewal fees are $40 for membership for one year. This covers the administrative and operating expenses of our group including various programs such as educational events, kids activities, social events, Just For Moms events,  and more.


Meetup.com Privacy Settings

Our club’s privacy settings on Meetup.com are as follows:

Non-members can only see some of your group’s content before joining.

Non-members can see:

  • Basic group stats (member count, date founded, etc.)
  • Group description
  • Event titles
  • Event dates and times

Non-members can’t see:

  • Event descriptions & locations
  • Member information and profiles
  • Photos
  • All other content

How to control your personal profile privacy settings on Meetup.com:

  • At the very top of the Meetup.com site, click on your Profile Picture and select “Settings”.
  • This will bring up your account.
  • On the left pane, select “Privacy”.  You will see the following:

Privacy Settings

Control who can contact you and the information others can see on your public profile. For details, visit our Help Center.

  • Show your Meetup groups on your profile, anyone can see all the Meetup groups you belong to.
  • Show your interests on your profile, anyone can see your list of interests

Meetup.com Email Settings

  • Log into Meetup.com
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner to bring up the menu
  • Select “Lake Oswego Mother’s Club”
  • Click on “My Profile”.  This is located underneath the blue banner for Lake Oswego Mother’s Club.
  • Select “View Profile”
  • Under your name, there are links to update your profile and your email settings for this group.

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