The Lake Oswego Mothers Club (LOMC) is a non-profit organization for moms led by moms. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, single mom, working mom or someone in-between, you are welcome to join.

Our mission is to provide social interactions for moms; creative activities for children; resources for families; and service projects that benefit Lake Oswego and the surrounding communities.

Why should I join?

The Lake Oswego Mothers Club is an independent organization not affiliated with any other parent organization.  This gives us the freedom to offer as many activities we want and the flexibility to grow as large as we want.  We believe this model serves our members better because we have many members that work part or full time and appreciate a variety of activities offered at different times.  We also believe that the more members we have the more talent we can provide to serve our club and our community.  Lastly, we don’t believe in limiting the members of our club because we don’t want any mother in our community to be left out.

Does it take a lot of time to belong to the Lake Oswego Mothers Club?

Our club is run 100% by volunteers. All of our members are invited to share their skills and talents.  We ask that you chose one committee to serve on. Your service could be as easy as bringing snacks to an event or as involved as accepting a board position with a monthly deliverable.  Many of our members use this opportunity to learn a new skill or maintain their marketability for a future job.

Do I have to live in Lake Oswego to join?

No, everyone is welcome.  However, if you are not a Lake Oswego resident you may benefit from a club in your community that offers activities closer to your home.

Can I belong to more than one club for mothers?

Yes. Many of our members have friends in Lake Oswego but live in another city.  Some people move from or to Lake Oswego and would like to maintain a membership to another club.  Everyone is invited to join our club.

How much does it cost to join the Lake Oswego Mothers Club?

Annual dues are $40 and cover the costs of website support and maintenance, mailings, space rental, supplies, some event registrations, family events, and much more!

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