LOMC Giving Trees

LOMC Giving Trees

So ladies, amongst the turkey and family dramatics, our giving trees are up around town. Many thanks to all who showed to the giving tree ornament party and are taking care of our trees.

Now we need the rest of you to step up and help out with the next phase of the Giving Tree Project. The following local businesses all have trees, and we need to make sure that presents are actually purchased for the parents at Clackamas Women’s Shelter. This is the vital part that makes CWS able to have a free holiday store for families that have survived domestic and sexual violence. The store enables over a 110 families acquire presents and feel empowered as individuals to provide for their families over the holidays.

There’s only a short time frame for the presents to be received so you only have till 12/5 to get them in. Our success depends on you and your participation of this! So the next time you are at of any of the local businesses, go pick up a tag on one of the trees and drop off the present for the good people of Clackamas Women’s Shelter.

-Rite Aid at Boones Ferry Road
-Lakeshore Learning at Boones Ferry Road
-Style Shockers Gymnastics
-Metro Gymnastics
-KinderCare at Lake Grove

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