In a Pinch

In a Pinch

So do you remember those dark baby days? I mostly do. I vaguely remember being in high amounts of pain, and wondering what those snuffling noises were.

Well turns out those snuffling sounds was my newborn 11 pound son. Yes 11 pounds. Thank the dear Lord for C-sections and good drugs. Thats another blog for a different day.

The one thing I remember was being blown away by how many moms came through bringing large amounts of dinner for me and my family. I was beyond blown away. Women and children I never met before bringing me food so I could figure out the madness that is new motherhood. I didn’t know how to breastfeed much less figure out what should be for dinner for myself and hubby.

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember who brought what, but I’ll never forget those acts of kindness. I’ll never forget this one mom who dropped off some doughnuts and orange juice that provided me much¬†midnight¬†relief in those twilight hours of breastfeeding every 3 hours on top of the dinner from costco hotplate.

I know how our lives get as the kids get older. I know that theres dinner to be made, shopping to take care of, those swim lessons across town. Can’t forget to squeeze in that workout on top of an 10 hour work day.

But did you know that as of right now we have some moms that are in those twilight baby phase? Did you know that lately our meal trains have had VERY low turnout? I’m not trying to guilt you, I’m just stating a fact.

We’ve all been there. We are there with you new moms in spirit. Although vague now, I remember the brutal feeling of trying breastfeeding for the first time. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do, we’ve all been there. So how about we remember those feelings we had, and commit to helping out our new mommas.

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