Sounds scary and a time sucker doesn’t it? That was my initial reaction as well when I was asked to join this board. I can promise you its NOT scary. The women that participate on it are the best, and I actually look forward to our hour and half meetings once a month.

Oh whats that? You were worried about childcare? We hold our meetings at Club Sport in the conference room, and childcare is provided at no cost to you during our meeting time assuming you RSVP to the meeting within 10 days in advance. #WIN!

The women are delightful, hardworking, and once a year you get a free pedicure for your time and dedication. So why not jump in? Maybe there’s some skill you’ve been meaning to brush up on for that dusty resume, or maybe you want to get to know the board. Perhaps you have some ideas of your own? We love participation, and the more participation we get, the better we can serve you.
You really have nothing to lose. There are quite a few openings available at the moment, so think about what you might have to offer the club, and contact one of the board members today.

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