Summer Bliss Blog

Summer Bliss Blog

Summer is blissfully right around the corner. And I’m beyond ready. I’m ready for hot days at the waterpark here in town, and ready for all that summer brings.

I know I can’t be alone. Is summer rough as a parent? Oh yes. No more shuttling between school, activities and home. Its figure out what the heck are we going to do all day isn’t it?

Personally, I haven’t really figured out all of summer yet. I know there will be days at the park, some at home, and days at the water fountains here in town. I’m hoping for a nice mix of everything. I haven’t made any super big commitments yet. I know I can’t be alone.

I’m looking forward to better weather, but yet can’t figure out exact logistics. And that’s okay. That’s what summer is about. Not about insanity. Its meant to kick back, enjoy what breaks we have, and enjoy the weather rather than just complain about it!


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