Moms night out        

Moms night out        

Really doesn’t get any better than a moms escape over dinner time. No kids to chase after, or cut up food for. No booster seats or potty or diaper emergencies to deal with. Bonus perk; being with other moms that understand how special that feeling is. Sure the conversation can veer towards work or kid issues, but the mere fact there is no one taking away enjoyment from your meal is just the best. Can’t forget the nice perk of actually enjoying your meal with other moms that just get it. It makes for a fantastic evening all the way around. I always feel so refreshed after a mommy night out. It sets the tone and does wonders for my mood the following days.

Even if you don’t know anyone, theres something about bonding over hot food and drinks of your choice with other parents. Its always so refreshing to remember you aren’t alone in this chasm called parenting.

The next time you are wondering if you should take a chance or not on a mommy night out (and LOMC has options!) just jump on it. You have nothing to lose but a good hot meal with wonderful people.



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