Sprouts Bilingual Preschool

Sprouts Bilingual Preschool




Email: info@sproutseducation.org

Phone: 503.593.3291


8722 SE 17th Avenue

Portland, OR 97202

Discount: Sprouts is happy to offer 50% off the enrollment fee for all LOMC Members!

Sprouts is a bilingual Mandarin/English preschool for children ages three to five. We are a new preschool, offering a program that is unmatched in the Portland area. Each class has two teachers with them all day: one English Teacher and one Mandarin Teacher, at least one of which is licensed. Our curriculum is play-based and individualized for each child, as we know that children learn and develop in their own way. This developmental program comes out of the UK and is specifically designed for children from birth to age five.

Our spacious classrooms provide rich opportunities for learning, and our teachers are trained to weave learning goals into a child’s natural play throughout the day. Our learning goals are the same for English and Mandarin, so your child will be receiving intentional interactions in both languages. Sprouts is a place where you can comfortably leave your child, knowing they have a great day in store for them.

Children will leave Sprouts with at least a basic level of Mandarin, which benefits them in a variety of ways. Learning a second language opens children’s minds to others, helping them realize that they are part of a larger community, with people who likely do things differently than they do. Children’s ability to focus increases and they are better able to control their impulses. Problem solving and thinking skills enhance and it becomes easier to solve word problems and make decisions. This is a result of the connections our brains make as we learn an additional language – even if the language is later forgotten.



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